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The Glam Class Pro™ was created to develop elite makeup artists and savvy business owners. Beyond learning the technical components required to be a successful makeup artist, the Glam Class Pro™ strives to provide students with the fundamental business knowledge that will allow them to succeed in a competitive industry. This is what differentiates a makeup artist from a makeup artist operating a successful artistry business. Through our 36 hour Makeup Artistry Certification Program, our students will leave empowered and excited to launch their careers in a thriving industry.


The Glam Class Pro™ was founded by professional Makeup Artists Gretzie Parth and Aimee Parker. While completing their Bachelor of Commerce degrees in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration at the University of Alberta, they pursed their passion for the beauty industry specializing in bridal and event makeup. After growing their business Glam Artistry Inc. into an industry leader during a short period of time, they decided to take their years of university education and practical makeup artistry experience to create an innovative, professional makeup artistry certification program. The Glam Class Pro™ strives to provide exceptional makeup artistry training and fundamental business education to inspire artists to pursue their passion for makeup artistry while raising the standards in the industry.


A successful makeup artistry business requires business knowledge.

Educators Gretzie Parth and Aimee Parker have spent over a decade combined working as professional makeup artists and operating successful businesses. Beyond their success, they are business graduates from one of Canada’s top Business Schools which has been an asset to advancing their careers. They are passionate about combining their years of business education with their hands on experiences to develop other successful business owners.

The Glam Class Pro Makeup Artistry Certification will be earned.

The Glam Class Pro™ prides itself on education and reputation. We are committed to certifying top notch makeup artists and business professionals. We feel that makeup artistry certificates are obtained too readily, leaving students with their expectations of launching a successful business unmet. The Glam Class Pro™ graduates will have mastered their art, and demonstrate a high standard in client and professional  ethics.

You can never learn enough.

Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist ready to venture into an exciting industry, or a working makeup artist looking to take your business to the next level - the Glam Class Pro™ is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

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